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10 December 2018

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Continuing Education (SAE/MCE)

SALESPERSON ANNUAL EDUCATION (SAE) PRIOR TO 2006 To renew an active or inactive salesperson license, you are required to complete 30 hours of SAE each year for the first three years of licensure. To fulfill this requirement each year choose another of our core courses that you have not completed in the last three years.

SAE Requirements For Those Applying On or After January 1, 2006 All salespersons who are under the Salesperson Annual Education (SAE) requirement must show evidence of having completed a minimum of 60 hours in core or related real estate education during the first year of licensure, so that a total of 270 classroom hours have been completed by the end of the first year of licensure. At least 210 hours of the 270 must be in core real estate. Therefore the other 60 hours may be in related.

MANDATORY CONTINUING EDUCATION (MCE) All active salespersons not subject to SAE requirements are required to complete MCE for an active license renewal. The MCE requirement is 15 classroom (clock) hours of TREC approved MCE courses. At least six of the 15 hours must be a three hour legal update course and a three hour legal ethics course created for and approved by TREC. A licensee cannot obtain credit for a course that was not approved for MCE at the time the course was conducted. A course may not be repeated for credit during the same license period.

An online MCE Course cannot be completed in less than 24 hours. This means if you purchase and complete a course on the day your license expires, you will not be awarded credit for it on that day, despite having successfully completed it. Credit will be awarded the next day, and your renewal will be considered late, and subject to a late fee.